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Oil Change


Flush services are very important in today’s cars to keep them on the road longer, keep them from breaking down more frequently and saves you money in the long run. Each car manufacturer recommends that fluid flushes are done at certain mileages. This is important to keep your car from breaking as frequently. A great mechanic knows how important it is to keep up your maintenance. Just like doing an Oil Change keeps your engine from Breaking down, Coolant Flushes, Transmission/ Transaxle Flushes, Brake Fluid Flushes, Power Steering Flushes, and Differential Flushes keep the rest of your car from breaking down as well.
Antifreeze Coolant Flush: This is necessary to keep your engine from freezing on a below freezing day. This is also necessary since over time coolant gets gummy and can actually clog up your radiator and heater. Fresh coolant also keeps the metals from rusting and your water pump lubricated. This will overall help prolong all of the cooling system parts.
Brake Fluid Flush/ Service: Over time the brake system actually cooks the Brake Fluid. This ruins the hydraulic properties of the fluid and causes major Brake components to fail quicker. Some of the brake components cost over $1000 on some cars. Just keeping the brake fluid flushed can reduce the cost of brake repairs over time and keep you stopping safer.
Oil Change Service: When we do an oil change/ oil service, we check out the rest of your car at the same time. We will let you know if any other repairs or services are needed because we want our customer’s to have perfect running cars that are safe to drive. We also check what the manufacturer suggests at the appropriate mileage. Sometimes customers need brakes or a timing belt and they had no idea they did. I am sure that over the years, we have saved some of our customer’s lots of money by not having things fail unexpectedly..