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Major Engine Repair


At Finish Line Performance, we do all types of major repairs. We can perform major repairs or replacements on transmissions, engines, cylinder head gaskets, timing chains, valve jobs, turbochargers, superchargers, freeze plugs, oil pumps, motor mounts, rear crankshaft seals, front crankshaft seals, harmonic balancers, flywheels, oil pan gaskets, crankshafts, front differential, rear differential and many, many more.
Transmission replacements are needed when a transmission has failed. Used transmissions or rebuilt transmissions are installed when a transmission replacement is necessary. When a transmission is replaced, we flush or replace the transmission cooler to ensure the life of the used transmission. After the transmission is installed, the work is checked prior to the vehicle being delivered. Our technicians are thorough and experienced.
When an engine has failed, an engine swap may be the best solution. Used, rebuilt or new engines can be used to replace your old worn out engine. After the replacement engine is installed, we inspect for leaks and that the cooling system is functioning properly. Finding the cause of engine failure helps ensure that the next engine has a better chance of lasting after the major repairs. We always inform the customer any important information that might help to keep the used engine functioning at its best life possible.
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