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Heating & Air Conditioning Service


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Many repair shops are not capable of diagnosing Heating & Air Conditioning problems correctly and over the years, we here at Finish Line Performance have learned that we usually have to re-diagnose Heating & Air Conditioner problems that were diagnosed by our competitors. In fact, half of the time a customer thinks they need a major repair, we find that isn’t the case. Another common problem that other shops have is Heating & Air Conditioning electrical diagnosis. Todays newer cars have more complex computerized way of operating the Heating & Air Conditioning systems. When these components fail, some technicians do not know how to check the system and sometimes even try to run wires or jump a wire which usually just burns something else out that cost the consumer more money.

At Finish Line Performance, we have the right tools for the mechanical and electrical AC systems on most vehicles and we use the most state of the art equipment and procedures to ensure that your AC system is blowing cold and running right. If your AC is not working properly or just not cold enough, bring it in and have us do an AC diagnosis.
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