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Today’s cars all have several computers that control different systems of the car. The usual systems on most cars include: engine, transmission, airbag, abs, and body. Some cars like BMW, Cadillac, Audi, Volkswagen, Jaguar, Volvo, and Mercedes Benz go extreme and have dozens of computers and use advanced computerized technology to do virtually most basic electronic functions inside the vehicle. When a computer problem occurs, these systems usually store a fault code. Besides a noticeable problem, most of these systems will give you a warning either with a warning lamp or a scrolling message on your dashboard. With all these high tech computers getting more and more sophisticated, it takes a quality and intelligent auto mechanic to figure perform accurate computer diagnostics and repairs. At Finish Line Performance, we have high tech equipment to check all types of computer systems. We can read the fault codes and do the necessary tests to find the source or the problem. If you suspect a computer problem, bring it in to our shop and get it hooked up to a diagnostic machine as soon as possible.

There are so many types of automotive computer systems used on many makes and models. Many cars and trucks before 1995 use OBD-I computer systems. Many of these systems are fairly basic and are limited on information and functions. After 1995, all cars, trucks, vans and suvs use OBD-II computerized systems. The U.S. government made OBD-II mandatory to help assist auto repair shops with being able to universally be able to diagnose and repair engine control computer systems to help with reducing emissions by making it easier to read the engine computer. Computer diagnostics are, now days, much more advanced since there are computers for multiple automotive systems. With the complexity of the various types of computer and computer wiring problems that happen on cars, Finish Line is here to help fix auto computer systems for the entire Cincinnati area.

Computer diagnostics can sometimes lead to a computer replacement needed. Many of the cars past 2000 require some kind of computer resets or reprogramming procedures. Finish Line Performance is one of the leading shops able to replace and reprogram various types of computers on cars, trucks, vans and or suvs. Contact Finish Line Performance and ask about your auto computer diagnostic problems and let us inform you of your possible solutions when computer replacements are needed.


There is a misconception to computer scan codes. Some places offer a free engine diagnostic code checks and tell you a code. Unfortunately, in most cases a computer code is just a place to start looking and requires more than just reading a code. In some cases, a code may be caused by many different possibilities of problems and the only way to resolve that problem is by using the proper equipment and tests to accurately figure out the problem and fix it. Finish Line Performance uses top of the line equipment and the latest technologies to diagnose and fix all computer systems and get your car right.