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No matter which type of anti-lock system you may have, you will know you have an anti-lock brake problem by the various types of warning lights on your dash. Before starting your car with your ignition switched on, you will notice that the antilock, traction control, ESC and/or brake lamps light up as a self-check until the vehicle is started (most makes). If any of these warning lights come on and stay on after the vehicle is running, this means there is a fault and you need to bring it in to have it checked. Proper scan equipment is required to properly diagnose and repair these systems. Finish Line Performance has all types of anti-lock system computers and tools to do all the proper diagnostics and repairs on all types of anti-lock, traction control, esc, dsc, forward collision alert systems and autonomously braking systems.

At Finish Line Performance, we have been repairing ABS (Anti-Lock Brakes) for years. We have the knowledge, experience, and equipment for any ABS repairs. We can scope out any sensors on the anti-lock system and give you the best economical solutions possible for the repairs. Whether it is chasing a broken wire or reprogramming an anti-lock module, Finish Line Performance is your best solution for tracking and repairing anti-lock brake systems in the Cincinnati area.


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